A.V.T.(Shanghai) Pharmaceutical  Co.,Ltd. headquartered in Shanghai Pudong District, was founded by Dr. Cao Liang in 2007.
        AVT. is committed to providing quality and reliable pharmaceutical excipients for Chinese users. To ensure that our customers receive quality service, we choose suppliers sharing our values around the world, and actively introduce them to the Chinese market. We help our customers in China expand their business, and support outstanding material companies in tapping into Chinese market.
        By providing all-round service from registration of imported excipients, through preparation project R & D, to drug use guidance, AVT has accumulated a wealth of industry experience. As of now, we have 5 products registered in CFDA, 2 products (F20140023, F20140024) with renewed Import Drug Licenses, and several others in the stage of pre-registration date sorting. With joint effort, we have established an interactive and cooperative relationship with our suppliers and the Chinese government. At the same time, we are actively participating in the development of relevant national industry regulations / standards.
        By actively promoting business in China, AVT has built a strong partnership with suppliers. A List of pharmaceutical excipients manufacturers recognizing our services and values have authorized  AVT as their exclusive distributor in China, such as Kewpie (Japan), NFC (Japan), CordenPharma (Switzerland), Cremer Oleo (Germany), Nanosoft Polymers (America), and Xi'an Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..
        With Advanced Vehicle Technology as its business direction, for 8 years, AVT has been focusing on the development of high-end injections, especially liposome and fat emulsion. Thanks to our dual customer development mode of "university / research institute + enterprise", we have extended our customer base into China's major universities, research institutes and industry-related businesses.
        Choosing AVT and our service and products or selling your products and expanding your activities in China through AVT will be the first step of your business take-off!